Running Plans

All coaching plans at Greenville Cycling & Multi-Sport are custom built to meet your individual needs. We provide triathletes with two levels of plans. Use the chart below to determine which plan best meets your needs.
All GCM plans are outcome goal and performance based tailored to the progress of the client. The GCM team will always create a plan specific for our clients and do not use cookie cutter plans or a “one size fits all” philosophy.

All plans qualify you for discount prices on: bike fits, SKINS compression gear, SRM power meters, and Computrainer sessions and series.

GCM practices 100% coach and clients confidentiality.

Level Level 1 Level 2
Cost $200 month with $175 set up 3/6/12 month contracts $250 month with $175 set up 3/6/12 month contracts
Use of Training Peaks Pro and WKO+ Training Peaks Training Peaks Pro
Initial testing 1 initial 1 follow up 1 initial 3 follow up
Plan based on: Heart Rate/RPE Heart Rate or PRE Heart Rate or RPE
Frequency of plan review by coach Weekly Daily
Contact sessions with coach per month 1 per month 2 per month
Nutritional and race day nutrition plans Suggested Comprehensive plans
Core and strength conditioning General plans (2 contract sessions) Comprehensive plans (4 contract sessions)
Testing 1 initial and 1 follow up 1 initial and 3 follow up
Revisions and training plans 2 per week Unlimited
Pacing and simulations 2 sessions 4 sessions
Race schedule planning and review 3 per season Unlimited