Maintenance and Service

Bike Wash and Lube


  • We wash the bike, and polish the frame

  • Clean and lube the chain

  • Lube all brake and derailleur pivots

  • Advise you if we find problems

Have this service done any time your bike is in need of cleaning. This does not include a tune up or any repairs.

Event Prep


  • Lube chain and other moving parts

  • Tighten hardware

  • Check chain wear

  • Check brakes for wear and adjust

  • Check cables for potential problems

  • Adjust derailleurs

  • Check tires and wheels

  • Call to discuss any problems that we find

Have this service performed prior to any important events to minimize the odds of a mechanical failure. This does not include washing the bike. You will be advised of additional charges if parts replacement or repairs are needed.

Complete Tune Up

$90 (or $120 including cable replacement)

All services included in Event Prep, plus:

  • Tighten spokes and true wheels

  • Replace chain if needed*

  • Replace frayed, rusted or worn cables and housing as needed*

  • Re-wrap handlebar as needed*

  • Call to discuss any problems that are beyond the scope of this service

Have this service performed once per year to keep your equipment running smooth and trouble free.

*parts not included

Complete Overhaul


Estimate can be based on age and condition.

  • Completely dismantle the bike. Everything!

  • Clean and inspect all parts for damage and wear

  • Lubricate bearings, pivots and screw threads

  • True and dish wheels

  • Wax frame

  • Reassemble bike using new parts as needed*

  • Re-wrap handlebar with new tape

Your bike will be as close to new condition as possible! Have this service performed if your bike has been neglected for more than a couple years

*parts not included

Client discounts

When you are a client of ours:

  • Get 10% off on all future parts and accessories purchases

  • Get discounts on all other services

  • For a $20 one time fee, get flat tire repairs for life

  • FREE Event Prep for coached clients’ “A” races!

Other Services

Service Price
Fix flat tires $10
Clean and lube chain or in install new chain $8
Replace cables $8 ea. plus parts
True wheel $15 to $20
Replace broken spokes $25 plus parts
Lace or re-lace wheel $50 plus parts
Re-grease or replace hub bearings $15 per hub
Glue tubular tires, includes glue $20 ea.
Bottom bracket overhaul $35 plus parts
Re-thread and face bottom bracket $25
Headset overhaul $25 plus parts
Rebuild Campagnolo Ergo Power Shifters off bike $35 plus parts or on bike $50 plus parts
Rebuild rear shock $30 plus parts
Rebuild front fork $50 plus parts
Wrap handlebar $15 plus tape
Lifetime flat tire repair $40