Retül Müve Pre-purchase and Cleat fits

Retül Müve Pre-purchase Fit

Retül Müve Pre-purchase Fit

Did you know Greenville Cycling & Multi-Sport is a Waterford Custom Bikes Dealer?  If you decide to invest in a custom Waterford your Retul Muve Pre-purchase fit in included free of charge with your deposit towards your custom bike.

For a perfect fit and an un-biased bike size recommendation, see us prior to buying that first bike or next bike! The Retül Müve Pre-purchase Fit is a comprehensive solution for your bike-buying piece of mind. We incorporate our body-assessment and flexibility check including leg length and strength check.

After pre-fitting you on the Retül Müve, we look at the bike or bikes you are considering and with pin-point accuracy tell you the proper size to purchase and ride!

Road Bike $250
Tri Bike $300
TT Bike $300
Mountain Bike $250
Cyclo-cross Bike $250
Tandem (2 riders) $400
Receive a 10% discount on your Retül-Fit with Pre-purchase Fit

Cleat Fit

Cleat fit is critical for any bike! We set up your cleats properly starting with an assessment of your varus/valgus orientation. We then get your cleats in the proper fore/aft position, lateral position and complete any shimming that is needed for varus/valgus. Cleat fitting is included in all full bike fits! You may want to consider a full Retül fit.

Road Shoes $50
Mountain Bike Shoes $50
Spin Class Shoes $50
Cyclo-cross Shoes $50