Sports Nutrition and Cycling Camps

Sports Nutrition

Computerized nutrition analysis (3 day diary)

The computerized nutrition analysis is a three-day diary. It gives Greenville Cycling & Multi-Sport an understanding of your dietary patterns. You record everything you eat & drink for two weekdays and one weekend day. We then analyze it for: total calories, and intake of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, & minerals. Averages for all of these values are recorded & compared to what is recommended for you. You receive a summary report with recommended ranges for macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. This gives a solid basis to integrate into your individualized nutrition plan!

Initial Consultation
$80.00 initial consultation

The initial consultation includes demographic data, nutrition goals, medical history, current health and fitness status, training plan, goals, eating patterns and lifestyle (do you cook, go out to eat, on the road, etc.). You then receive a summary report with recommendations for improvement.

Individualized nutrition plan
$125.00 per plan

Your individualized nutrition plan is customized with multi-day, interchangeable meals tailored to your food preferences, lifestyle, and specific goals. These meals are designed to meet your recommended energy level and macronutrient needs. This also includes a phone meeting with your sport nutrition coach to review your nutrition plan.

Follow up session
$50.00 for half hour

The follow up session is if there is not ongoing communication after the initial consultation. Some clients like to take the sport nutrition plan and work on it themselves. Later on they have follow up questions or they make some lifestyle changes & they want to discuss new nutrition recommendations.

Individual Nutrition Packages
$300.00 for first month, $175.00 per month after

Includes: computerized nutrition analysis (3 day diary), customized sport nutrition plan, and follow up Individual Nutrition Packages. This is the most comprehensive and effective nutrition plan we have! This plan follows your scheduled workouts. Communicating regularly is included. Also includes – analysis, nutrition customized to each week’s training plan, one 30-minute phone call per 14 days.

Cycling Camps

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