Mark Gyulafia

Mark brings a unique perspective to coaching as a para-athlete. Racing as a Cat 2 cyclist in Portland, OR, he discovered that it was difficult to find a coach who could train him to be an elite athlete, while tailoring a program to his disability. Instead, Mark continued to win races by adapting and altering training techniques to his own needs. While his coaches derided his strategies, he learned that what works for one athlete can be the undoing of another. As a result, Mark is especially attuned to the personal goals and needs of his athletes.

Mark works with clients of all ages, abilities, and racing levels. The only requirement is that his athletes continue to love the sport of cycling. A good training program will help cyclists become faster and stronger while also increasing quality life. Therefore, an open line of communication is key to continuing a program that fosters athlete compliance, and continually increases the effectiveness of training.

Mark’s love affair with cycling started with his diagnosis of Transverse Myelitis. At 14, he was one of the fastest swimmers in the state of Kansas before he woke up one morning paralyzed. His doctors told him he may never walk again, but with the encouragement of his parents, Mark re-taught his legs the movement of walking through cycling. He has been racing ever since.

Currently, Mark is the C5 national para-cycling road champion, three years running. He has won seven national championships and has been undefeated in road C5 para-cycling events in the United States for the last two years. In addition to 16 years of road race experience, Mark also has extensive product knowledge from his work with one of the top bicycle retailers in the country, River City Bicycles.