Sherry Stokes

Sherry is passionate about enabling people to transform their health and performance through nutrition. She takes an individual approach to nutrition with the needs and goals of the client as the driving force. The focus is on the integration of sustainable healthy habits designed to empower clients to make nutrition choices consistent with personal and fitness goals.

Sherry Stokes has earned degrees in Psychology from Furman University and a Master of Science in Nutrition from Clemson University. Currently, she is pursing a Ph.D. in Applied Health Research and Evaluation at Clemson University. Sherry has a strong research background and uses an evidenced based approach to nutrition. Areas of nutrition related interest include: medical nutrition therapy, weight loss, weight maintenance, athletic nutrition, and allergy related diets.Sherry is a passionate athlete that enjoys cycling, swimming, running, weight training, hiking, and racquetball. With a 20 year history in endurance sports, she has a true passion for pushing the physical limits and empowering others to succeed.