David Curran

I came to endurance sports by way of training for a half marathon at age 28. At 250lbs, sedentary for most of my life, and a recent ex-smoker, I was hoping to “get healthy”. After completing the half marathon I continued running until an injury led me to riding my 10-year old bike until I could get back to running. I quickly got the bug and began riding, and then racing regularly. As an engineer by trade, I quickly became interested in the “why’s” of training and athletic performance. I then found myself regularly helping my friends and family with their training. This has since progressed to coaching road and mountain bike racers, and triathletes.

Coaching Philosophy:

As a network engineer, father of three, and husband, I know how how hard it is to come by training time. My goal as a coach is to help my athletes balance their desire to compete at their highest ability with their responsibilities to work and family. I tend to work with serious recreational and amateur racers who are dedicated to competing and training.

My particular approach to training is to begin with setting realistic, specific, and attainable goals. From these goals we’ll work together to formulate a realistic training plan to achieve those goals. And during the season, we’ll work together, when necessary, to adjust your plans and goals according to the realities of life for the amateur athlete.